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Posted on 06-05-2015

Twenty-six years ago, 6/9/1989, I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  It seems like not that long ago, but back then no one had a "car" phone or a personal computer, and now our mobile phones ARE a computer!  And as far as a "Blog", I would have guessed that was something from the movies that was invading the earth, or maybe an abbreviation for a large log...

So here I am, 35 years out from my graduation from Kansas State University, with a degree in journalism, actually writing something more substantial than a grocery list!  Stay tuned for what I plan on being a regular deal, and maybe it will at times be informative and entertaining.  Thanks for reading, gotta go adjust some folks.

Chelsea said:

Can't wait to learn more about health and chiropractic!

2015-06-06 12:29:12

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